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GPS tracks in Finale Ligure

Below we show you some GPS tracks in Finale Ligure, free for download.

You can download the file .kml displayed in Google Earth, and .gpx compatible with most GPS.

These are just some of the many routes that you can follow with our GPS rental or with MTB guides.


24h of Finale

The "24h of Finale" is a famous XC race that is organized every year at the end of May in Le Manie.
It is divided in the race for teams (4 - 8 - 12) and in the race for "Solo". In 2012 was disputed the World Cup Solo on this track.

The first part in the green with climbs and descents sliding a second part with gravel and rocks overlooking the sea, ending with the famous Toboga with its sinuous curves that brings us back to the start.

Download the GPS track:


Cucco and Boragni

This itinerary climbs with pedalable and sliding trails and descend with some passages technical but with contained difficulties.

You climb from Finale Ligure to San Bernardino and runs through the plateau up to take a detour that leads to the cliffs of Monte Cucco.
Short climb to Orco Feglino where starts a fast track that turns into single-track and takes us under the cliffs of Boragni.

A trail that varied that can entertain both the novice and the more experienced. Recommended for bike XC and AM.

Download the GPS track:


EWS - Superenduro Finale Ligure 2013

Day 1: lenght 46 km - total climb 1539 m
Day 2: lenght 29 km - total climb 1193 m

Download GPS tracks:


Din - Madonna della Guardia

Lenght: 30 km
total climb: 1286 m

Download GPS tracks:


Roman Bridge Ring

Lenght: 15 km
Total climb 555 m

Download GPS tracks:


Trail H

Lenght: 32 km
Total climb 1384 m

Download GPS tracks:


San Michele - DH Donne

Lenght: 23 km
Total climb 882 m

Download GPS tracks:


Toboga di Canova - Guardia

Lenght: 33 km
Total climb 1317 m

Download GPS tracks:



Lenght: 10 km
Total climb 364 m

Download GPS tracks: