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Finale Ligure - Capital of the outdoors is a paradise for mountain biking.
Hundreds of miles of off-road trails, from easy to more challenging.

Lovers will find several Freeride Bike Shuttle service to the motorized lift and a wide variety of trails.

Those who enjoy cycling will find dozens of trails enduro or XC where experience their skills in the saddle.
If you do not know this area you can book a MTB guide to accompany you on your outings, or rent one of our GPS tracks stored routes.

Download here the Guide with all the tracks that you'll find in our GPS.


MTB Trails in Finale Ligure

Le Manie:

The Manie Plateau extends inland from Finale Ligure, behind Varigotti.

The path of "24h of Finale" unfolds in this plateau (download the GPS track) and passes by sliding sections immersed in a green single-track technical overlooking the sea , with a breathtaking views.

There are other possible XC routes in this area.
For those who love the All Mountain there are several single-track that descend on the slopes of Varigotti and Noli:

  • "Roman bridges" technique fun and even uphill
  • "La Briga" PS5 of Superenduro
  • "DH Woman" with a tight hairpins seafront
  • "DH Man" one of the most beautiful slopes of Finale
  • "San Michele" sliding descent with some technical sections to Noli

And many more ...


San Bernardino:

Behind Final Marina extends S.Bernadrino, full of paths marked by rock slabs that make them unique and often bumpy, for lovers of technical trail. Do not let the tires deflated too ...

Characteristic trail from the rocky bottom can be covered for itineraries XC - AM.
The enduro riders will appreciate the different trails that descend on the slopes of Feglino and Calvisio:

  • "Dolmen" technical path and bumpy, PS1 of Superenduro
  • "Vacchè" sometimes fast and flowing at times bumpy.
  • "Camporotondo" PS4 of Superenduro with hairpin turns to the limits of physics

And many more ...



The west side of Finale Ligure is closed by Caprazzoppa, a steep hill that hides several routes XC - AM and a trail "Hard"

Some possible routes

  • "Route Napoleon" steep climb legs-breaking, tour the plateau and sliding descent
  • "Cava" detour from the previous more technical
  • "3 pallini" technical course with slippery rocks and "Hard" passages, for experts

And many more ...


Pian dei Corsi

Entering the hinterland meets the Melogno Pass, the east side is called Pian dei Corsi and is a haven of Freeride.

Some routes go right up the hill to a height difference above 1000 meters and then descend to the valley all in one breath by the various trails that lead down to Finalborgo or Feglino.

Those who like the Freeride can organize lifts with the fantastic service of Bike Shuttle.
Some of the most beautiful trails AM-Freeride:

  • "H" one of the most famous, smooth, fast and incredibly fun
  • "Base Nato" sliding, with curves in support and jumps. Do not miss!
  • "Pian Merlino" other exceptional trail with 3 possible variants
  • "Legnaia" with 2 possible variations, roots and rocks will make you excite

And many more ...



From the top of Melogno start some trail long and fun. They descend on the slopes of Isallo and Calice Ligure

There are several possible routes XC and AM and some Freeride descent:

  • "Din" Sinuous trail that follows the crest of the Melogno downstream. Gorgeous!
  • "Toboga di Canova" defined a playground, curved support, drop and endless fun
  • "Isallo extasy" the name says a lot for this trail that descends to Isallo
  • "Madonna della Guardia" trail fast and brutal, for strong arms
  • "Cavatappi" (Corkscrew) even here the name is not wrong, a succession of curves

And many more ...

In the hotel are available GPS rental with dozens of itineraries for those who prefer to deal the ascent on its own legs.

There are several MTB guides you will be accompanied to the most beautiful trail, correcting your technique.

Those who like the pure enjoyment with little trouble can not renounce Bike Shuttle Service to organize lift.

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